About Pinerite


We are a heavy-duty hand soap manufacturing company operating in Colorado since 2013.  Pine tree powder from our patented process is combined with other natural ingredients to create a premium hand cleansing solution.

Forest health management is of prime concern.  For this reason, our pine stock is harvested from dying trees or branches retrieved after fire mitigation.




  • Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Incorporated: 2013
  • President: Andre Roy
  • Website: pinerite.com
  • Phone: 970-484-8017
  • Email: service@pinerite.com
  • USPS Business Office Mail:
  •  Pinerite, Inc.  PO Box 124,   Livermore, CO 80536
Quality Assurance
All soap leaving the facility is inspected for  quality and consistency.  We are dedicated to high end product delivery.  
Professional Service

Efficient order processing, open communication and years of experience in national and international shipping meet the needs of each small or large customer.  

  • Automotive Parts Suppliers – NAPA, Carquest
  • Hardware Stores – ACE, JAX, Lehman’s, True Value
  • Paint Outlets – Sherwin-Williams, Guiry’s
  • Plumbing Supply Wholesalers
  • Screen Printing Production Shops
  • Various City Municipalities

NAICS CODE: 325611 ........ DUNS: 179366997 ........ CAGE: 9TG52 ........ SBA

Compare Pinerite to the product you are using now.

PINERITE® has the cleaning properties of borax and natural Pine.

PINERITE® is Economical.  A little powder goes a long way.  A 10-ounce jar provides about 200 or more washings.

PINERITE® has a very mild natural fragrance.  No artificial scents are added.  

PINERITE® cleans better than industrial paste hand cleaners but without harsh solvents that leave skin dehydrated. 

PINERITE® gets off grease, stains, dirt, paint, wood sap, dyes, ink, odors, etc. 

Pinerite® is gentle on your skin.  It’s ideal for regular hand washing as well as removing heavy dirt and grime. 

PINERITE® helps maintain a stable and healthy forest by harvesting dying trees as well as branches left after fire mitigation. 

PINERITE® is biodegradable.  It’s safe to use out-of-doors while hiking or camping since it doesn’t contain phosphates.

PINERITE® is All Natural with pine terpenes and proanthocyanidin – an antioxidant.  

Andre Roy – Founder

Andre Roy’s experience as a hands-on business owner and innovator provided him with a solid foundation to explore new concepts in forestry while defining a structure to make them financially viable .  Starting with computer programming, he later moved into owning several plastics businesses. He innovated with fabrication and resources thereby both utilizing and satisfying his creativity.  After selling the plastics business he turned his analytical streak to his Colorado forest property.

Andre understood that finding value in the ‘waste’ left after tree trimming for land health management and fire mitigation could allow the work to be self-sustaining.  After experimenting and research,  Andre invented and patented a machine that turns the slash; formerly considered the waste of the tree ( the needles and branches) into a fine powder with extraordinary qualities.  It is the cleaning power within Pinerite® Soap.

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