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Why Natural Body Wash Is The Clean Way To Go

Have you ever wondered why some soaps can irritate your skin? Or have you wondered why these soaps could lather so well, without necessarily leaving you that much cleaner after a shower? Well, that?s secrets out ? according to the FDA, most soaps nowadays are actually considered synthetic detergents. Is that what you really want to be cleaning off your body with? Mechanics or crafters get grimey often due to their line of work. Don?t add to the chemicals being put on your body by using detergents. There?s a deep-cleaning, highly economical, natural body soap available for you!

What is this wondrous soap you speak of?

Pinerite natural soap, of course! All of our soaps are specially formulated to give you maximum cleansing power, yet stay gentle on your skin. These Pinerite soaps can achieve this because they don’t add potentially irritable fragrances or other harsh chemicals. The natural antioxidants extracted in our pine powder producing process allow for excellent cleaning ability while not overly rough on one’s face or body. Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of our products that are great for use in the shower.

Katie Pinerite Head to Toe Cleanser

This highly portable head to toe cleanser is excellent for fitting onto the limited shelf space in your shower or your bag. It’s also wonderfully sized for your next business trip or even backpacking! The real secret to this powerful, yet gentle cleaner is its deep-cleaning, natural antioxidants, and skin-softening ingredients. How can pine trees possibly help clean my face, you ask? Our patented pine powder extraction process allows us to infuse our soaps with a powerhouse terpene antioxidant called proanthocyanidin. Combine this with our premium quality skin softener, and voila! You have a superior face and body cleaner that won’t leave your skin feeling icky afterward.

Pinerite Bar Soap

Ahhh, there’s nothing like good old fashioned bar soap. In a world filled with fancy pants liquid body soaps with scents that you’re highly suspicious of, you know you can count on this classic, yet revolutionary natural body wash from Pinerite. It includes all the natural ingredients and cleaning goodness of our powdered soaps but comes with an added twist. It’s chock full of shea butter and other fine oils. You never have to worry about roughing up your skin when you clean with this simple and natural body soap. It?s as simple as hopping into the shower, slathering on Pinerite Bar Soap, and coming out completely refreshed. You may even feel so clean and rejuvenated; you’ll want to take on the world. After all, they say your best thinking happens in the shower. This is a body and soul cleansing experience like none other. Our powerful little natural bar soap is great for your skin and can be used anytime, anyplace, any day!

Economical And It Reduces CO2 Footprint

One of the best aspects of choosing Pinerite natural body soaps is perhaps its awesome bang-for-your-buck economic quality. One little scoop of Katie Pinerite Head To Toe Cleanser, a dash of Pinerite Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner or one lather of Pinerite bar soap is leaps and bounds more economical than the heavy, space-wasting liquid soaps from the big guys in town (we’re looking at you Old Spice and Dove). You see, when companies use liquid soap, all those heavy (mostly water) filled bottles need to be shipped on trucks. This contributes to more pollution, and ultimately more CO2, which ultimately leads to more greenhouse gases. When you choose to hop in the shower with Pinerite soaps; you’re not only doing your skin a favor, you’re doing the world itself a favor!

If you’re ready to try our natural body washes or perhaps even check out our other products, be sure to head to our online store to see it all. We’re certain you’ll love our full range of soaps, because quite simply, they will give you the best clean you’ve ever had without being harmful to your skin. With every purchase you make, it genuinely feels like you just reached out and hugged your favorite forest. If you have any questions or would like more information about ordering Pinerite for yourself or business, contact us today!

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