Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the advantage of powdered soap?

    Powder soap is a lot less expensive because it's concentrated.  You aren't paying for water or other fillers.  A little bit goes a long way.  It's convenient to carry anywhere.  The cleansing granules scrub into the nooks and crannies of your hands and fingernails.  Pinerite doesn't freeze or separate.     

  • What makes Pinerite a natural product? Everybody claims their product is natural these days.

    The ingredients are all from nature without man made chemical intervention.  Pine from trees, borax is a mineral, sodium soap is salt and naturally occurring fatty acids, lanolin is from sheep's wool.

  • What is pine powder?

    Pine powder is literally made of pine branches and needles turned into a fine powder by our patented process.

  • Where do you get your trees for the pine powder?

    The trees used to produce pine powder come from our own forest property.

  • Isn't your pine powder actually just saw dust?

    No.  Sawdust does not have the chemistry to make a good cleaner.   We use mostly needles with high nutrient value in our patented process. 

  • How many hand washes can you get with Pinerite compared to liquid soap?

    You can get many, many times more washes per jar of Pinerite than with liquid or paste soaps.  A 10 ounce jar will supply up to 250 washes.  It's ideal as an everyday soap replacement.   

  • Does Pinerite clean as well as those water-less pastes?

    Yes.  Pinerite gets off the worst oil, paint and grime without using harsh chemicals that are in many well-known heavy-duty hand cleaner brands.

  • Besides hand cleaning, is Pinerite a good household soap?

    Yes.  Since it's safe to have in the kitchen you can use Pinerite to clean your sink and appliances, even your barbeque grill - no gloves needed.  It gets off sticky residue, it's effective for cleaning walls and pet areas.  The list is endless.

  • Is it okay to use Pinerite on my face?

    Yes.  You can use Pinerite on your face.  It is a superior soap to use as a whole body wash.  Avoid getting it in your eyes.

  • What makes pine powder good for soap?

    The cleansing properties of pine have been known for centuries.  In addition, pine has been used as poultices and for beneficial skin treatments.

  • What is borax? Why is it used in soap?

    Borax is a naturally occurring mineral long used as a cleaning agent, even in some toothpastes.  Borax is alkaline - it softens water, neutralizes odors and is a disinfectant.

  • What is lanolin? Why do you put it in Pinerite?

    Lanolin is oil obtained from wool that has been sheared from sheep.  It captures and holds moisture as you wash, keeping your skin soft.

  • Does Pinerite come in a variety of sizes?

    Yes.  We offer a 2-ounce jar that's great for your tool box, backpack, glove-box or handbag.  The 10-ounce size is standard to keep handy next to the sink.  With its easy grip shape, our 20-ounce container is known as Shop Size.  The big 4-pound jug is ideal for refilling your soap dispenser.

  • You've said making pine powder helps the forests. How?

    We thin out overgrowth and harvest dying trees, leaving healthier ones to thrive.  A healthy forest can better fight off insect infestations and resist wildfires.

  • You call Pinerite a "Heavy Duty" hand soap. Is it just for occasional use?

    Use Pinerite as often you would any hand soap.  It cleans, softens, and refreshes skin.  It is  truly 'heavy duty' soap because it also scrubs away the worst dirt and grime better than the big name brands.  

  • Is producing pine powder sustainable?

    Yes.  Clearing away dying trees and tree thinning help the forests thrive, now and into the future.  

  • Is it okay to let my kids use Pinerite?

    Yes.  If your children are old enough to wash their own hands and don't generally eat soap, they can safely use Pinerite.

  • What does Pinerite smell like?

    Pinerite has no artificial added fragrance.  It won't leave an odor on your skin.  Its scent is described as "woodsy", "earthy", "like soap", "pine-ish" ...

  • Is Pinerite a good choice to take camping? I'm wondering if it is environmentally safe.

    Yes.  Pinerite is environmentally safe to use outside or near streams where you camp because there are no phosphates.  It is all natural.  Also, it doesn't freeze!

  • Where can I buy Pinerite?

    Check out the retail store locator map on our "Contact Us" page or shop our online store. Pinerite is sold nationally at automotive parts stores, paint store chains and hardware outlets as well as select natural food stores.  Ask for it by name at your favorite shopping location.  

  • Where is Pinerite made?

    Pinerite is 100% made in the USA, in the beautiful mountain State of Colorado.

  • Does Pinerite wash off bad odors?

    Yes.  Fishermen love it for just that reason.  We hear from auto mechanics that Pinerite gets rid of diesel smell as well as from cooks that it clears onion and garlic odor from their hands.  

  • Does Pinerite have a good shelf life?

    Yes.  Pinerite  will be effective and useable, under ordinary storage conditions, for many years with no change in quality. 

  • Is Pinerite economical to use as an everyday soap replacement?

    Yes. Pinerite is very economical because a little bit goes a long way. Also, you are not paying for water or unnecessary fillers. 

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