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How Natural Soap Can Make Camping Better

Welcome to our first blog post on Pinerite! We?re excited to share with you how our love of the outdoors became a passion and driving force for an all-natural hand soap that is both excellent for cleaning your hands (or body) and environmentally responsible. Before we dive into how our natural soap can make your camping or outdoor experience better, here?s a bit about us!

About Pinerite

Ever since Pinerite was founded back in 2013, we?ve held one belief throughout our journey. Staying clean means a win-win for everybody. What do we mean by that? Of course we mean keeping our bodies clean, but we also mean keeping our forests clean by not having us or our customers put harmful chemicals and detergents onto the forest floor. That?s why all of our ingredients in our natural hand soap are sustainably sourced and naturally derived.

Our Love For The Outdoors

Pinerite?s CEO, Andre Roy, has always been a big fan of the outdoors and the natural beauty that Colorado forests have to offer. Whether it?s hiking, backpacking, or camping, we understand that the beauty of our forests in Colorado and across the nation comes from good stewards of the outdoors like you. When we set out to create Pinerite soaps, we wanted to create a soap people could use both in the city and the outdoors, without having to worry about the harm it may do to the environment. Pinerite is a love letter to enjoying the great outdoors!

How It Feels

You may be wondering how it feels to crack open your Pinerite natural bar soap or powder on a camping trip. We imagine it feels a little bit like smelling the wonderful scent of pine trees when you first open your tent in the morning after a good night?s sleep. Or the scent of the wind hitting your face at a mountain top after a long day?s hike. The first thing you?ll notice is that Pinerite feels different than almost any other soap you?ve ever tried before. With just a bit of water and a dash of Pinerite?s powdered natural soap or natural soap bar, you?ll begin to notice the awesome cleaning sensation as you begin rubbing your hands together. While we like to keep our soaps mostly unscented, there is a hint of the wonderful, undeniable smell of Colorado pine trees. The best part? Once you start rinsing your hands, you?ll notice Pinerite comes off easily and leaves a very clean sensation. Once you?ve dried your hands, we?re confident in saying that your hands will feel the cleanest they?ve felt in years ? all without the use of any harsh chemicals, or shall we say unnatural ingredients. Our natural hand soap works great for all of your camping needs such as:

  • Removing cooking oil and grease from your hands
  • Getting mud or dirt easily off your hands
  • Removing pine sap or tar from fingers
  • Cleaning areas of cuts or scrapes
  • Normal hand-washing before you cook your s?mores over the fire!

Environmentally Responsible

We take ?staying clean? seriously. All of our pine powder is sourced directly from our Colorado property. We developed a machine that transforms unneeded pine needles and branches into a fine, antioxidant containing powder. This powder consists of terpenes that contain proanthocyanidin, the secret behind Pinerite?s awesome, natural cleaning power. We ensure our pine harvesting is done in a responsible way that allows the forests on our lands to get healthier with every Pinerite product we sell.

The bottom line is that with Pinerite you?ll be able to feel clean knowing you?ve kept your forests healthy and unharmed while using our all-natural hand soap. It?s a win-win for everyone! Contact us today if you have any questions about our amazing soaps!

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